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Accounting for Contracting and Resources

At C.T. Harris and Company, we specialise in helping diverse businesses associated with the mining and resources sector. Based in regional Queensland, we have decades of experience supporting:

  • Civil contractors
  • Mining contractors
  • Related services (e.g., trades like diesel fitting)

We understand these fast-paced businesses and the contingencies they always need in place to remain viable. Whether you are a large employer already or just starting out, we can help you create an effective business plan, monitor your cash flow, and make sure your business meets tax obligations.

We have a proud history of serving this community. Through solid relationships with companies, suppliers, and others, we can provide extensive and experienced assistance in key areas.

You’re better off with C.T. Harris and Company

When you’re working in the civil or resource sectors, your focus is usually on securing your next contract, managing staff, and keeping your machines running. However, to survive in these fast-paced industries, your business needs someone experienced monitoring your cash flow and providing good advice about strategic business decisions.

At C.T. Harris and Company, we help you keep your finger on the financial pulse of your business. We speak your language, making sure you understand your financial reports and can use this information to underpin strategic planning and day to day business operations. You can rest easy knowing that when questions arise, we are only a phone call away.

We help you focus on the important things in your business

When working in resources and contracting, it is very easy to be caught up in the busy day to day operations and lose your strategic focus. We work with our clients to help them plan for growth and put safeguards in place so they can financially survive unforeseen pauses in operations. Our team can help you strengthen your resources or contracting business by:

  • setting up an accurate financial reporting system,
  • monitoring your performance and identifying ways to improve your financial outcomes,
  • assisting you to develop strategic goals for your business,
  • helping you plan for and understand tax implications relating to equipment purchases or sales,
  • preparing activity statements, financial reports, income tax returns, cash flow forecasts, and budgets.

Our aim is to help your business thrive in this competitive market!

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