Buying or Selling a Business or Property

Buying or Selling a Business or Property

If you are considering buying a business or property, we can:

  • Review your goals and objectives
  • Provide due diligence services (e.g., How good is this proposition? What potential problems may exist?)
  • Prepare financial forecasts
  • Advise on financing and ownership structure
  • Assist with purchase negotiations and preparing a business plan
  • Conduct periodic reviews to ensure you are aware of the returns.

If you are contemplating selling a business or property, we can help you through this process by:

  • Preparing Financial Reports outlining the financial performance of the business or property for the purchaser
  • Reviewing offers received to assess the taxation implications for you, the business seller
  • Assisting in negotiations with the purchaser if required, especially if the business or property sale is complicated
  • Reviewing settlement information to ensure you’ve received the agreed proceeds.

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