Preparation of BAS & IAS

Preparation of Business Activity Statements & Instalment Activity Statements

We can review our clients up to date accounting file on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis so that we can ensure their transactions have been recorded correctly.  We make changes where required and prepare and finalise their Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Instalment Activity Statements(IAS).

By reviewing the information in the client’s files and being involved in preparing the BAS and IAS, the figures reported on the BAS and IAS are correct and the amount of Goods and Services Tax and other amounts reported are reviewed.  If variations are required to reduce the amount of tax payable, these can be done as part of this regular process.

The use of this service ensures that we have a system of capturing and reviewing your business’ performance on a monthly or quarterly basis.  This provides us with information which assists with monitoring your performance and also formulating recommendations for you to consider on how you could improve your performance and profit.

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