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Small businesses are a huge driver of the Australian economy. Most small business owners have a passion for their industry, and we acknowledge that they take significant personal and financial risks to establish and maintain their businesses. Owners must develop their businesses’ competitive advantages and may sometimes feel that they don’t have anyone to talk to about strategic planning and the challenges they face.

In our experience, successful small businesses ground their decisions in their financial information. During decision-making, having a trusted advisor who understands your goals, listens, and provides advice is vital to success. At C.T. Harris and Company, we work with you to discuss and evaluate opportunities and identify ways to mitigate current and potential risks.

You’re never alone with C.T. Harris and Company

At C.T. Harris and Company, we aim to develop strong working relationships with our clients. When business issues arise, we are there to help, equipped with a good understanding of their business goals, current operations, and financial position. In addition to our normal range of services, we offer a wide range of additional services to small businesses and start-ups, including:

  • Development of a strategic business plan
  • Monitoring of business performance and outcomes
  • Reviewing of existing and proposed product/service offerings, alongside feedback for improvement
  • Preparation of budgets and cashflow forecasts to ensure that fixed costs and tax payments are covered

Our firm currently supports small businesses in diverse industries in Central Queensland and around the state. Working with us, you gain access to our experience and have our team on your side. While remaining compliant with tax obligations can be very complicated, we communicate in terms clients understand and free up your time to focus on day to day operations and developing plans for growth. We enjoy working alongside our small business clients, helping them grown and meet their goals.

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